Dress Rehearse

Dress rehearse is a modern company that provides advice and practical dress rehearsals to help you look your best for a special occasion or for a new date. We help those of you who may have lost touch with the social side of life (this can happen for many reasons) with the confidence and style to get back into the social scene whatever your tastes or age.

Dress rehearse will help you look your best and will work with you using your own clothes and accessories.

beautyacademyDress Rehearse have a diploma in make-up from The Beauty Academy gaining the standard of proficiency required to practice.

Our style specialists have years of experience in working with women who want to make changes in how they look and will work with you in the privacy of your own home. We are a stand-alone company and do not sell or promote fashion products on behalf of any other company, we simply work with you and with what you have in your closet!

About Elle Sea

ellsea-squareElle Sea started her career as a nurse and worked as a registered nurse and NHS manager for over 20 years. She has extensive interpersonal skills and has spent most of her adult life working with people from a vast range of backgrounds and social situations. Elle Sea also undertook training to become a qualified executive coach and helped colleagues in preparation for job interviews and presentations and to generally help them build their confidence to progress in their career. Her work to date has mainly been around Manchester and the north west but she has also spent some time in London working on some “change management” programmes to improve health care. Elle Sea really cares about people and everyone should feel like a celebrity for once!

Since her early teens she has been an avid follower of fashion and style and, as a hobby in her own time, has studied style trends, dressmaking and fashion over the years. Alongside her career, she pursued her interests in style and fashion and subsequently developed Dress Rehearse as a business. Her abilities in dealing with people and helping them build their confidence has been a great asset in taking the business forward. Furthermore, she states that people feel less embarrassed about taking advice on what suits their particular body form as Elle Sea worked for many years as a nurse and knows the importance of confidentiality.

The business began initially when friends and relatives were given advice and suggestions on how to look for a particular occasion such as weddings, meeting the in-laws, interviews, meetings or a date. Everyone recognised she had a natural flair for this, trusted her advice and appreciated her skills. She didn’t just make them look the part she made them feel good also and gave detailed consideration to hairstyles and accessories. Her passion for this work continued to increase, as did the demand from others outside the family and friends circle.

In March 2013 Elle Sea gave up her full time role as NHS manager to develop her long term hobby into a business. Since then her client population has grown throughout the north west. Her ambition now is to recruit and train more style advisors in the coming months and branch out more widely across the UK.